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Home security system insurance discount in Washington DC and additional ways to lower costs with a smart home installation

November 21, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

It’s well established that home security systems are worthy enhancements to increase your family’s safety. They safeguard your residence from hazards with modern devices like cameras, smart locking systems, and alerts. With the proper installation, you also receive the advantages of a monitoring staff that instantly takes action as soon as the alarm is set off.

But there’s even more good news as your home’s security can help you from a financial standpoint. To start, you may reduce spending on utility bills through automated systems. And many times comprehensive systems like those provided by Vivint might result in a home insurance discount.

Monitored smart homes are great for insurance discounts in Washington DC

It’s true you may be able to get an insurance discount on your home security system in Washington DC. The amount of your discount could vary greatly and is dependent on two key variables - your insurer and the kind of equipment you include. While a basic, bare-bones alarm with two or three window or door sensors may get you a slight reduction of your premium, there might be an opportunity to elevate your discount even more.

When you integrate components like surveillance, monitored carbon monoxide detectors, and smart locks, you may get a larger deduction from your policy’s provider. If you are looking for a more substantial discount, you should incorporate 24-hour monitoring. If you add monitoring, you’re telling the insurer that a trained professional is consistently overseeing your home and ready to handle any type of emergency, regardless of whether you’re home or not. To find out if your home qualifies and the amount you can save, contact your insurance agent.

Home automation in Washington DC gives you added savings

If you’re curious about other ways to reduce spending, it’s time to consider home automation. Consider the benefit of using a smart thermostat that discerns your normal routine and adjusts in correspondence. Whenever you leave in the morning, your thermostat may change the temperature on its own to help you conserve energy. Your lighting may be set to work in a comparable fashion and activate as you come into a room or turn off when you depart. In the long run, the reduction of your energy bills may be sizable.

Whole-home systems from Vivint are easy to implement and can be configured during the installation process or finished later with your central command hub or the mobile app. In a short time you can program a responsive, full-featured system.

Neglect to turn off the lights? Engage your devices no matter where you are

One more method to reduce costs is through remote access. Even though your smart home is able to change settings on its own, you are also able to simply control components from your phone. If you forget to dim the lights or change the thermostat before exiting, no need to worry. Simply access the Vivint app on your smartphone and make the needed changes. You may even activate or deactivate your system remotely. Would you like to adjust how your devices react? You can handle that from your mobile device as well.

Customize your own home security system in Washington DC and let the savings begin

Would you like to begin reducing expenses with a home security system insurance discount in Washington DC? Speak with a Vivint expert today to design a smart home with 24-hour monitoring that will decrease your insurance rates while increasing your home’s defense and functionality. Place a call to (202) 780-3214 or complete the form below to begin.